The CS Resource Centre is an on-line learning environment where students can access a great deal of resources that will make learning programming fun!

Including reference pages and videos for C programming, iOS and Android application development, and more, the CS Resource Centre is a great place to learn!

Downloads?! PDF Print

Thats right the CSRC has downloads for you, from a windows sidebar app, to a C quiz on your android so you can practice questions on the bus while you head to your exam! Located under Tools>Downloads, GO CHECK EM OUT!

Diagram draw tool PDF Print

We have a new tool for you to help you draw those pesky diagrams. The use of ascii characters makes for easy export to notepads. And the feature to export to HTML if you want to put it on a webpage make it excellent at what it's for.

Sorting Algorithms PDF Print

Cheak it out! The CSRC has a new tool to help you learn how different sorting algorithms work!

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Welcome to the Computer Science Resource Centre.

This site is offered to support the teaching of the first year programming courses. Please note that these web pages are shared by multiple sections and many professors who may be updating the contents. It is your responsibility to ensure that an announcement is relevant to your section and the contents you study are approved by your instructor.

If you like to help in the content development of this website or give us new ideas to add more contents please contact me.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Ziad Kobti

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